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null Bus service to the Faro de Formentor lighthouse

Bus service to the Faro de Formentor lighthouse

Line 334 Alcúdia - Port de Pollença - Far de Formentor

From 23 June until 15 September, the period for traffic regulation at the Formentor lighthouse, the TIB bus service will connect Alcúdia and Port de Pollença with the different points of interest on the Formentor peninsula. In this way, the Spanish Government is offering an alternative to using a private car throughout the entire period of the access restrictions applied to the Formentor Peninsula road. The stops on the Formentor Peninsula are: Colomer viewpoint, Platja Formentor, Cala Murta/Cala Figuera and Far de Formentor.

The first bus on line 334 leaves from the Centre Històric de Alcúdia stop at 09:30 and gets to the Estació stop in Port de Pollença at 09:45. A service runs every 35 minutes, with a total of 20 round trips, and the last departure leaves at 21:50 from the lighthouse. Two buses run at the same time on the section between Formentor beach and the lighthouse to maximise the line's capacity.

The TIB fare system is applied to this line 334, which includes the use of the Intermodal Card or a bank card as the transport tickets recommended by the Transport Consortium of Mallorca. There are no hops on the journey between Port de Pollença and the Formentor Peninsula; there is one hops from Alcúdia.



  • Both Intermodal and bank cards must be validated when entering and leaving the bus.
  • Line 334 is not a hop-on/hop-off bus. This is a regular public transport service offered by the TIB. In other words, when you get off a bus and get back on the same line, you start a new journey, which is why a second journey is chargeable.
  • If you travel using a bank card or Intermodal Card, you are allowed to transfer between different lines.

Line 334: Information on opening hours and fares


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