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null SFM schedules special metro services throughout the summer for concerts and festivals taking place in Son Fusteret

SFM schedules special metro services throughout the summer for concerts and festivals taking place in Son Fusteret

The special metros start on Saturday 1 June.

For the first time, Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca (SFM) will provide special regular metro services for the concerts and festivals scheduled during the months of June, July, August, September and October at the Son Fusteret venue, very close to Son Fuster Vell metro station. The first of these services will run on Saturday 1 June for the Sensenom Festival.

The goal of this initiative is to facilitate access by public transport to most of the events taking place at the venue between 1 June and 12 October, when the last of the summer concerts is scheduled to take place at Son Fusteret. The aim is to offer an alternative to private vehicles that provides safety, comfort, speed and peace of mind to citizens when travelling to this type of large-scale event.

All the special metro services scheduled during this period will run between the Intermodal station and Son Fuster Vell station in both directions, with stops at the intermediate stations Jacint Verdaguer and Son Costa/Son Fortesa. The journey time from start to end is 5 minutes and departure frequencies are scheduled every 20 minutes during the start and end of the event and one hour while the event is in progress. This is the service model that will be used for all concerts or festivals covered, with the start and end of the service varying according to the time of the event.

As for the service scheduled for Saturday 1 June, the first metro will depart from the Intermodal station at 5.00 pm and the last departure in the opposite direction will leave from Son Fuster Vell station at 0.49 am. The festival scheduled for this day will begin at 6.00 pm and is expected to end at around midnight.

SFM has been working on planning the new service models to meet current user needs and the growing demand for both train and metro services. In this sense, the recent incorporation of new train drivers who are now undergoing theoretical and practical training and the gradual entry into service of five new trains will allow both timetables and service frequencies to be extended with guarantees.

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