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Partial return of the interurban train and bus service from Tuesday, 14 April

The timetable of most lines has changed to return to a situation similar to the first weeks of lockdown and late train departures that had been cancelled have resumed

Timetables for most TIB bus lines changed on Tuesday, 14 April to resume the service cancelled at the beginning of April when the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda reduced transport to essential services only.

The new timetables provide the service offered during the first weeks of lockdown, which is a reduction of 49% on usual services.

Changes in the interurban public transport service have been established to provide transport for people that have to travel to work, and connections with hospitals are also offered from several places on the island.

Since the state of alarm was declared, the interurban bus service has been reduced twice, first at the start of the lockdown and the second with a limit on mobility for non-essential workers dictated by the central government in Royal Decree 10/2020. During this time user demand has fallen by over 90% compared with this period last year.

Preventive measures have been taken on interurban buses to avoid infection since the start of lockdown. Among other measures, buses have decreased their maximum capacity to 33% and passengers must respect a safety distance of at least one metre between them.

This Tuesday, 14 April, the services provided by Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca (SFM) have also changed slightly in its Monday-to-Friday timetable.

In this case, several services have resumed since frequencies were altered on 30 March, specifically the last trains of the day are now departing.

Four trains leaving the intermodal station of Palma have resumed service, two travelling to Manacor: 21.10 and 22.10 and two others travelling to Sa Pobla: 20.40 and 21.40. In the opposite direction, three services have resumed, two departing from Manacor for Palma: 21.24 and 22.24, and one departing Sa Pobla for Palma: 22.07.

The metro line M1, which travels from the intermodal station to the university, has also resumed some services. On this line, SFM is providing users with a service every 30 minutes throughout the day in both directions, thus expanding on the number of services available since 30 March.

Users are reminded that only authorised journeys are permitted and that they must always respect the safety distance when using public transport.