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Citizen Card – welcome to the metro!

For the first time, you can travel on metro line 1 (Palma-UIB) using a citizen card.

The citizen card works the same way as it does on the EMT network. All the discounts are the same as for urban bus-user profiles. When used as a prepaid card, the discount applied to the single ticket depends on the user’s profile: Resident, Children aged 5–14, Children aged 15–16, Student, Large family, Green card, Gran A card, Gran B card. The non-resident profile is not included.

Only two types of multi-journey tickets are valid: 30-day unlimited journeys for residents, and for school and university students. Users can also transfer free between the EMT bus lines (except the airport line) and the metro, as long as the transfer takes place within 90 minutes after the card is first validated.

The use of citizen cards on the metro is the first step in integrating fares between both Mallorcan public transport networks, the EMT and the TIB (interurban bus, train and metro). The aim of the integration is to make it easier to change mode of transport with the current cards in use: the citizen card and the intermodal card. There are two phases in the integration process. The first is introducing the citizen card as a valid travel document for the metro service between Plaza de España and the Universitat de les Illes Balears (Line M1). The second phase involves establishing the new intermodal card on the EMT Palma transport network to encourage transfers between urban and interurban bus networks.