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The Government will be investing over 1,300,000 euros in the renewal of the ticket machines (sales and validation) for EMT Palma buses.

The Regional Minister, Marc Pons, and the Mayor of Palma confirm that the process for the integration of the urban and inter-urban transport networks is progressing, with specific measures such as the agreement signed today.

The Regional Minister for Land, Energy and Mobility, Marc Pons, and the Mayor of Palma, Antoni Noguera, have today signed an agreement whereby the EMT buses will be fitted with new technological equipment for the sale and validation of bus tickets, which will be shared with trains, the metro and inter-urban buses. The Regional Government of the Balearic Islands will allocate almost 1.4 million euros. This agreement forms part of the process of collaboration between EMT Palma and the Mallorca Transport Consortium (CTM) to integrate the fare structure for regular public transport in Mallorca.

The Regional Minister Pons highlighted that the agreement signed today sets out the first measures required in the process of effectively integrating the Palma urban and the inter-urban networks and assured us that "there is no turning back from the path embarked upon today, which will end in full integration of the fare structure. The final picture is full integration, which must also include the other islands."

Both the Mayor, Antoni Noguera, and the Regional Minister were certain that the joint efforts of the Regional Ministry and the Municipal Council would result in the improvement of public transport, including the integration of the urban and inter-urban networks.

Integration is on its way and in the first half of this year, between the months of May and June, the first phase should be completed, with EMT users being able to use their Citizen's contactless Card on the metro. The new technological system featured in the agreement signed today is what will make the second phase possible (2019), with the TIB card also being valid on EMT buses.

The CTM is currently in the process of tendering, awarding and drawing up a supply contract for the technological equipment on board the buses of all regular transport services in the Balearic Islands. This joint purchase will help to integrate the fare structures and information services for passengers using all regular transport operators in the Balearic Islands, as all buses will be running with the same technological equipment and will be able to use the same software.

The agreement between the two bodies establishes that the CTM will allow EMT to use the machines purchased free of charge. For the Palma fleet of buses, the plan is to purchase up to 200 on-board sales machines and 400 ticket validation devices, as well as communication equipment (modems and antennas). EMT, for its part, will cover the storage and maintenance costs resulting from the use of the machines.

The investment predicted for the Palma bus equipment is 1,390,000 euros (excluding VAT). Investment in the technological equipment is funded by the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands and may be co-funded, up to a maximum of 50%, with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).