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Work is commencing to improve public transport in Inca.

The town will be the gateway to the Serra de Tramuntana for public transport.

The Regional Minister for Land, Energy and Mobility, Marc Pons, accompanied by the Mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno, visited the construction works at the car-bus interchange hub. This space, located on the Sineu road, and which has been made available by the Municipal Council of Inca, will have two new inter-urban bus stops and will accommodate 120 parking spaces for vehicles. The work is scheduled for completion in August.

The other work currently under way is the creation of the underground car park in the Antoni Mateu square, next to the bus station. This is designed to hold approximately 300 parking spaces and will encourage people to combine car and bus/train transport.

The work being undertaken in Inca to accommodate the new network in 2019 will be completed with the renovation of the current Inca bus terminal to convert it into the transport interchange hub for the region (train-car-bus). This will be the departure point for the local municipal routes, and the buses coming from the tourist resorts in the north of Mallorca will pass through here on their way to Inca and Palma, especially in high season.

These three projects will help to facilitate access to the Serra de Tramuntana by public transport, so that Inca can act as a gateway to the central/northern part of the Serra for public transport.
The work on the Carretera de Sineu interchange and on the car park, the responsibility of the Mallorca Transport Consortium, is financed by funds from the Pla d’Impuls al Turisme Sostenible 2016, with the awarded sums of €321,400.00 (excluding VAT) and €43,834.52 (excluding VAT) respectively

TIB is preparing the new network that will come into operation in 2019
The work on the public transport infrastructures in Inca are in line with the restructuring and improvements for the new TIB network that will come into operation in 2019. This work forms part of the Regular Road Transport Service Plan for the Island of Mallorca (PISTRVC), the objective of which is to plan and organise the regular road transport service and it sets the objective of increasing the overall demand for the inter-urban bus network by 25%.