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Award for the new technological system for Mallorca’s interurban public transport

ITS España has given the award for the best EMV contactless project

The integrated fare system, which will be introduced when the new regular road transport operator licences come into effect in Mallorca, works with new technology that can include a bank card as a transport ticket (EMV contactless). And the ITS España panel of judges has considered this technology worthy of the ITS Special Award 2019.

The award was given during the 19th Spanish Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems organised by the ITS España association and held from 1 to 3 April. The Mallorca Transport Consortium (CTM) participated in the congress with the presentation entitled “Modernisation of public transport in the Balearic Islands as a latest-generation ITS system”. It was presented by the CTM’s managing director, Maarten van Bemmelen, who also collected the award.

The new technological system of the future fare system will require validation twice, when getting on and off the bus. Other new features include a virtual wallet that users can access at all times from the TIB extranet and paying for transport (bus or train) using a bank card as a transport ticket with EMV contactless technology. There will be a points system for frequent users where points will be accumulated for the use of public transport and can be exchanged for discounts on journeys.

The Mallorca Transport Consortium team devised and developed the new technology with the help of the company GMV as the supplier of the technological equipment that will be available on board new interurban regular transport lines

European public transport meets in Palma
The new integrated fare system and its new technology was also one of the topics presented at the European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (EMTA) conference, organised by the Mallorca Transport Consortium on 4 and 5 April. This included a demonstration of how the new system and its equipment operate.

The conference brought together 20 transport authorities from metropolitan areas throughout Europe. Representatives from London, Paris, Amsterdam or Turin and members from Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia, among others, shared experiences related to mobility such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and innovative fare and payment systems. Decarbonising public transport, zero-emission vehicles, air quality and financing infrastructures were other topics also discussed during the conference.

The Government of the Balearic Islands participated by presenting the islands’ transport situation and addressing issues such as decarbonisation and increasing the supply of public mobility services, key objectives of this legislature. Last February, the Parliament of the Balearic Islands passed the Climate Change and Energy Transition Act, which includes banning diesel cars in 2025, except those already registered in the Balearic Islands. The Strategic Mobility Plan for 2026 foresees a 50% increase in the supply of interurban bus transport and the expansion of Mallorca's railway infrastructure.


Photo: Sebastián de la Rica Castedo (President of ITS España), Maarten van Bemmelen (CTM Managing Director), Ignacio González-Posada (Acceptance and Acquisition Director of Mastercard).