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The European Mobility Week has arrived with night bikes, micro-theatre on the bus, the Mou-te amb el TIB competition and other activities

On 22 September, which is the car-free day, trains, shuttle buses and municipal car parks in sa Riera, Calle Manacor and Marqués de la Cenia will be free of charge.

The Deputy Mayor of Sustainable Mobility, Francesc Dalmau, together with the manager of the Mallorca Transport Consortium, Maarten van Bemmelen, the department’s general director, Irene Nombela and the manager of SMAP, Pedro Manera, have today presented the programme of activities that will take place from Monday, 16 September to celebrate European Mobility Week 2019 (EMW), whose motto this year is “Walk with us!” and which combines activities organised by the City Council’s Mobility Department, the Government’s Transport Consortium, the Culture and Social Welfare Department and the Northern District.

From Monday, 16 September to 22 September, EMT line 2 will be free of charge.

 Francesc Dalmau has thanked all departments, companies and organisations that have participated in this programme, which focuses on pedestrians this year. “On 22 September, the car-free day, we will provide free parking in the Marqués de la Sènia, Sa Riera and Manacor car parks to empty Palma of cars,” he said. Maarten van Bemmelen explained that the train and shuttle buses will be free on this day and that they are also collaborating with the City Council in the Public Transport Loyalty Awards to be held on Wednesday, 18 September. “Mobility Week is organised to make people think and give them public transport options,” he said.

Actions in the TIB network

 During the entire week you will be able to participate in the Mou-te amb el TIB competition. To participate, you will have to look for our mascot, who will be travelling on the train, metro and interurban bus network, and take a photo with him.

On 22 September you can also travel free on the train and shuttle buses. And throughout the weekend, Palma intermodal station will host the 8th Model Railway Fair.

Health routes

The EMW will kick off on Monday with the health route. The route, which over 80 people have already signed up for, starts at several health centres and will arrive in Plaza de Cort at 11 a.m. From that day to 28 September, more than 32 activities will be held in Palma’s streets and squares, including night bike rides through the Ensanche, bicycle maintenance workshops, the screening of the film Bikes in CineCiutat, the parking day, to take place on 20 September and which over 20 entities have already signed up for to transform parking spaces into public spaces, and many others.

New activity to learn about Josep Balaguer: Crono Palma

 One of the new events in this year’s programme is Crono Palma, which will take place on Wednesday, 25 September at 6 p.m. from Casal Balaguer. Coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the musician Josep Balaguer i Vallés, several places in the city related to his life will be toured, led by Gaspar Valero. Although this activity is free, prior registration is required via email:

 The week will culminate on Saturday, 21 September with the Great Mobility Festival that will fill the space between the Teatro Principal theatre and the Tortoise fountain with games and workshops for the whole family. The area will be cut off for traffic and there will be 16 activities for families and children. Besides the street activities from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., ONCE will organise a circuit for people to discover what it is like to be visually impaired, the Caixaforum will hold a variety of workshops and family tours and there will also be a storyteller, Lila. There will be recycled games and the Youth Choir directed by Pere Víctor Radó will perform in front of the Teatro Principal.


Car-free day, Rodabarris and micro-theatre inspired by The Little Prince

 On this day, there will be a bicycle tour around Palma from Cort to Marivent (5 km) led by historian Joan Mas and the 5th Tour of Mallorca by train will also take place.

The European Mobility Week will conclude with the Rodabarris route on Saturday, 28 September at 10.30 a.m. in the Plaza de España. This is a bicycle gymkhana through different parts of Palma and micro-theatre on lines 7, 3, and 14, and 5, 8 and 10 of the EMT with literary improvisations inspired by The Little Prince organised by the Culture and Social Welfare Department.