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Extension of the current bus service until new concessions are in place

The Mallorca Transport Consortium (CTM) has told service providers to continue operating until the new ones start, as laid down in the law.

The CTM has told the current concession companies to extend the service they are currently providing until the new concessions currently being negotiated are operational.

This service extension is laid down by Law 16/1987 of 30 July on the organisation of land transport to ensure an uninterrupted public transport service.

The Law states that when a contract expires before the procedure for awarding a new one to provide the same service has ended, the current contractor is obliged to continue the service if asked to do so by the authorities. The service is, therefore, guaranteed until the new concessions are in place. Based on this Law, the current concession operators have already been notified that they must extend their service, which was due to end on 31 December.

A total of 25 bids have been made to provide the new public transport services. These bids made by firms interested in operating the new interurban bus service are currently being studied. The public service concession will be valid for 10 years, with the possibility of extending the contracts for a further five years, and the maximum budget for the entire period will be €479,237,657.70 (including VAT).