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Children under 12 travel free on interurban public transport in Mallorca

New Children’s Card created by the TIB now available to users

As of 22 January, interurban public transport users under 12 can travel free of charge on buses, trains and the metro. The new initiative by the Mallorca Transport Consortium came into operation this week with the creation of the new Children's Card for children living in Mallorca.

Users wishing to travel free of charge need to have the Children's Card, which comes with 100 journeys at no cost, and which can be topped up when empty. To travel, the card needs to be validated on the bus or at the train barriers, as with all Intermodal Cards. Children under 12 should always be accompanied by an adult.

According to calculations, 11 thousand current users aged 4 to 12 who already have the Intermodal Card are entitled to the new card. To benefit from the initiative, users have to exchange their current card for a new Children’s Card. With this measure, the government is encouraging families to use public transport together, and in doing so hopes to attract children and parents who do not yet have the Intermodal Card.

The new card can be obtained at any of the TIB customer service offices (Palma, Inca and Manacor) and at the municipal offices of the affiliated local councils.

The new Children's Card forms part of the existing range of
Intermodal Cards available to different groups of people. The Youth Card is for people aged 12 to 30 (both inclusive), the Large Family Card is for members of large families, and the Pensioners Card is for people over the age of 65, people receiving a pension (the retired, widowed, or disabled), the long-term unemployed and victims of gender violence. Those who are not in any of these groups can use the General Card, entitling them to the discounts provided by the T20 and T40 saver tickets.