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Santa Maria - Orient, through the Son Pou chasm and the Es Freu waterfall

What is it?

A walk between the town of Santa Maria del Camí and the village of Orient through the valley of the Coanegra gulley.  We can admire the Son Pou avenc cave (chasm) and, in wet seasons, the spectacular Es Freu waterfall.  The walk ends in Orient which is a typical village in a pastoral valley in the Serra de Tramuntana.


Price and visiting hours:

Unrestricted and free-of-charge.

Approximate length: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Location and contact:

Santa Maria del Camí Town Council

Plaça de la Vila, 1

Telephone: +34 971 62 01 31

Web site: www.ajsantamariadelcami.org

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Monday to Friday

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Detailed description

The difficulty level of the walk is easy.  Leaving Santa Maria station, we take the Carrer de Sant Antoni to the left, go to the end and turn left into the Camí de Coanegra.  We cross straight over the road to Alaró and pass near to the Son Torella, Son Berenguer and Son Oliver estates, where the tarmac ends.  The route is well signposted.  The track follows the gulley, goes through Son Roig (where there is a spring), crosses a gate and arrives at the Son Pou estate.  We take a forest path to the right here which skirts the houses and takes us back to the track.  Around 100 metres further on the path to Orient begins, which climbs on the right bank of the gulley and on the right hand side we come across the path to the chasm or avenc.  At this point we have the choice of going to the Son Pou chasm or continuing on to Orient, one of the most picturesque valleys in the Serra de Tramuntana.  Up to this point we will have walked for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from Santa Maria.

The Son Pou chasm (formerly known as the Es Coloms cave or En Botó cave) is an important natural cave measuring 70 x 147 metres, lit by natural light from a huge opening at the top.  It is now entered by a tunnel excavated into the rock.

Once the Son Pou chasm has been seen, and continuing towards Orient, we climb on the right-hand side of the gulley.  Shortly afterwards, in a small pass, we turn off to the left towards the gulley.  The path, which has impressive views, starts to flatten out and, after passing near to a limestone silo and kiln, turns sharply to the left.  Straightaway we pass a stone wall behind which the winding cart track descends to the gulley.  At this point, to the left, it is worth stopping to look at the Es Freu waterfall, if there is water.

Our route crosses the gulley up to a metal gate which we go through as it provides access.  Now we have the ruins of the Es Freu houses on the right and, 15 minutes after going through a gate, we reach the road.  If we continue, we arrive in Orient 30 minutes later.

To go back, it is important to point out that the only route that goes to Orient is the L221, which is an on-demand service.  Reservations must therefore be made at least one day prior to the walk by calling +34 617 365 365.  The L221 leaves Orient for Bunyola at 17.45 from Sunday to Friday and on public holidays, and at 17.00 on Saturdays.  This timetable should be taken into account when planning arrival at Santa Maria (the start point for the walk) which should be at least 4 or 5 hours beforehand.  In Bunyola the L221 meets the L220 and takes you to Palma.

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