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El Teix from Valldemossa (circular route)

What is it?

Although it is not one of the highest peaks in Majorca, El Teix is one of the most frequently visited.  Apart from extensive evergreen oak forests, the main attraction is the Camí de S'Arxiduc path, which was constructed on the crest at the end of the 19th Century and gives spectacular views over the northern coast.  The signs are for the GR 221 route.


Price and opening hours:

Unrestricted and free-of-charge.

Approximate length: 4 hours and 30 minutes, circular.

Location and contact:

Valldemossa Tourist Information Office

Avinguda de Palma, 7.  07170 Valldemossa

Telephone:+34 971 61 20 19

Opening hours:

Monday from 9am to 5pm.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 7pm.
Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 7pm.

Web site: www.visitvalldemossa.com

E-mail: info@visitvalldemossa.com



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Detailed description

Important note: To access the part of the route between Valldemossa, el Pla des Pouet, el Coll de Son Gallard and the Camí de l'Arxiduc you must make a reservation beforehand by sending an E-mail to valldemossa@procustodia.org. It is important to bear in mind that this stretch cannot be accessed unless you have received the relevant confirmation.

The start point is the bus stop in Valldemossa, which can be reached by the TIB bus from Palma, Deià, Sóller and Port de Sóller (L210).  To get to the beginning of the route, take the Carrer de Joan Mir, at the second corner turn right into Carrer de Bartomeu Ferrà, and at the second corner turn left into Carrer de les Oliveres.  At the end of this street an un-made up track starts that a little later we leave to our left and jump over a crossing.  After 50 metres we take the right fork, go up a winding path and go over a medium-sized wall that takes us to the Pla des Pouet (little well).

Just before reaching the well, we turn to the right on an ascending path that takes us to the Son Gallard pass.  We need to turn right into the Camí del Arxiduc.  At the next fork, turn left.  15 minutes later we get spectacular views over the northern coast. In 20 minutes we can see some milestones on the left that signpost the route to Deià (GR 221).  We should ignore this detour and continue straight ahead over the cliffs.  20 minutes after passing close to the Puig des Caragolí (on our left) we come to a crossroads and take the path to the left.  On the next stretch (as long as it is a clear day) we can enjoy a delightful view of the traditional village of Deià.  Shortly afterwards we come to another crossroads marked by a huge stone where, once again, we take the path to the left which will take us to the summit (25 minutes).

Having savoured the unbeatable views from the summit of El Teix, we go back down the same road that we came up until we get to the crossroads with the huge stone and take the path to the left.  In 15 minutes we arrive at a typical snow house, the Es Cairats shelter.  The path drops steeply and passes by the Font des Polls spring.  Further on we go over a medium-sized wall and at the next following forks we take the path to the right each time.  When we get to the houses, we continue straight on towards Valldemossa until we reach the TIB bus stop.

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