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From Banyalbufar to Port des Canonge

What is it?

This is a small village on the Banyalbufar coastline, to the north of the island, which is by a cove where even today traditional fishing activities can be seen which, along with the views from the harbour, make this a place of great charm and appeal.  The small beach is smooth shingle and is around 70 metres long by 20 metres wide.  The water is usually calm and crystalline in summer.  The intense red of the rocks around the cove and the dense surrounding pine forests are noteworthy.  It is particularly worth the effort to be there at sunset.


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Location and contact:

Avinguda de la Mar. 07190 Port des Canonge, Mallorca

Telephone: Ayuntamiento de Banyalbufar, 971148580, 600444457

Web site: http://www.ajbanyalbufar.net

E-mail:   banyalbufar@ajbanyalbufar.net

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Detailed description

The route starts at the bus stop in Banyalbufar. To get there, catch the L200.

What to see and do?

When you get off the bus, you need to go back towards the village centre. After 30 metres, turn right into Carrer Major.  Go down Carrer Major and after 100 metres turn left into Carrer de la Constitució.  Then keep going down on the Camí del Molí towards Banyalbufar harbour.  Before reaching the esplanade, turn right along a cobbled path and go down the steps to the cove.  Cross over the cove and go up the steps at the other side next to the slipway.  Then continue several metres to the left and take a small path on the right.  We climb, following the bends, and reach a more defined path that comes out onto a track that we need to take on the left-hand side.

We continue on the track, making the most of the panoramic views that appear.  We come across various forks and need to follow the signs that direct us to Port des Canonge.

In Port des Canonge visitors usually prize the fact that they can relax on the beach, as it is not too crowded in high season. There are restaurants, a look-out point and a small car park in the village.

To return to Banyalbufar, we need to go back the way we came.

The route takes a total of about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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