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S'Arenal de sa Ràpita, ses Covetes and es Trenc

What is it?

This is a group of three beaches that make up an almost continuous coastline, solely interrupted by the little village of Ses Covetes. The coastal space is unique in Majorca, with its dunes and protected areas and its rich biology, ecology and ethnography. The entire sandy beach is approximately 6 kilometres long and links up Sa Ràpita, Ses Covetes and la Colònia de Sant Jordi.


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Unrestricted and free-of-charge.

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Campos Tourist Information Office

Carrer de la Síquia, s/n. 07630 Campos

Telephone: +34 971 65 15 88

Web site:


La Colònia de Sant Jordi Tourist information Office

Avinguda de Gabriel Roca, s/n

Telephone:+34 971 656073

Web site:


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S’Arenal de sa Ràpita

S’Arenal de sa Ràpita is 11 kilometres from Campos.  It is part of the Sa Ràpita coastal area, a village that is part of Campos.  Sa Ràpita mainly consists of second homes belonging to locals and foreigners.  It is marked out by the Club Nàutic de sa Ràpita to the west and by the rocky part of Can Sordo to the east, which is a natural border with Es Trenc beach.

The coastline is distinguished by its magnificent natural environment, the fine sand on the dunes and the pine forest behind the beach along with its tranquility and the aptness of its waters for surfing and wind surfing.  We can add the singularity of the Son Durí defence tower that was built in the 16th Century to warn about Saracen incursions.  It now forms part of the Sa Ràpita Sailing Club and is in a good state of conservation.

The influx of resident and tourist bathers is average.  Access to the beach by road is good.

Ses Covetes i Es Freu beach

The Ses Covetes’ villagers explain that the name comes from the Talayotic period funeral caves that are found in the surrounding area.

This is a peaceful beach located between Sa Ràpita and Es Trenc.  It is a small, almost flat beach with fine, white sand which consists of two areas – the nearest to Sa Ràpita is fine sand, two hectometres long and  with a wealth of bathers, while Es Freu is a rocky area, less frequented by visitors, more picturesque and just 50 metres long.

Construction began on a polemic development on the rocky area which was paralysed by the courts because this corner belongs to a protected natural area between Es Trenc and Es Salobrar de Campos.  The nearest harbour, the Club Nàutic de sa Ràpita is one nautical mile away.

On a historical note, there are the sand stone quarries, where blocks were cut to build the fortified walls in Palma, and its thermal waters, dating back to the Roman era, which spring up at 30˚C and help to alleviate skin and bone problems.  These are exploited today by the Estació Termal (Spa) de Sant Joan de la Font Santa.

Es Trenc Beach

Es Trenc beach is 6.5 kilometres from la Colònia de Sant Jordi.  Its name (trenc in Catalan means “crack”) alludes to the fact that the opening of the salt marshes cracks through the barrier of the coastal dunes, while oral tradition has it that in the middle of the 18th Century there was a tsunami, caused by an earthquake in Lisbon, that sliced through the line of dunes that separated the open sea from the marsh.

This beach is the best kept long stretch of sand in Majorca and is the only one that has not been built on.  Along with Es Salobrar de Campos, it covers a protected area of 1,492 hectares.  On summer weekends, it is one of the most visited unspoilt spaces.

Es Trenc has fine, white sand, is almost flat, has a line of dunes separating the beach from the salt marshes and farmland, and a wetland behind it where 171 species of migratory and resident birds can be seen.  The further part of the beach is nudist.  It can get very crowded with locals and tourists.

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