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Better public transport links between Alaró and Consell

The shuttle bus service is expanding from 29 October

TIB has improved the bus service of line 320 linking Alaró and Consell with their shared rail station. The service has now increased to a total of ten outbound journeys and nine inbound journeys along the two routes linking both towns with the train.

From Monday to Friday, Alaró users will also have two additional outbound and inbound journeys to improve the peak-time service. This means that Alaró buses will run every 20 minutes in both directions between 7 and 9 in the morning. The two extra buses from Alaró leave at 07:13 and 07:53. At weekends and on public holidays the afternoon service has been expanded with two additional outbound and inbound journeys. Two buses heading to Alaró have been added at 19:40 and 20:40 to coincide with trains arriving from Palma (previously the last bus left at 18:40).

The shuttle bus service from Consell has been expanded from Monday to Friday with an additional outbound and inbound journey. A new direct bus service to the intermodal station has also been provided. It leaves Consell at 08:10 and arrives in Palma at 08:40. At weekends and on public holidays the service will start earlier and run later, thus offering four additional outbound and inbound journeys. Before 29 October, the last train from Palma that connected with the bus service was the 18:10, but now users can catch the 19:10 and 20:10 trains leaving Palma and connect with the bus service to Consell.

The new timetables can be found here.

New bus shelter in Alaró

The inter-urban bus stop in Alaró has a new bus shelter. The structure has a bench and perch seating to ensure users can wait for the bus in comfort and be protected from the elements.