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If you are travelling on public transport, these are the preventive measures that have been taken on interurban buses to avoid infection:

  1. Using a mask on public transport is obligatory.
  2. Leave the first row closest to the bus driver empty and always follow the driver’s instructions on where to sit down. We have reduced bus capacity by 50% to ensure the maximum possible distance between users. In accordance with Order TMA/400/2020 of 9 May, people living in the same household can sit next to each other and only in this instance can bus occupancy exceed 50%.
  3. Avoid the use of cash. We recommend you use the T20 and T40 intermodal saver tickets.
  4. Travel alone. Apart from the exceptions in Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14 March, by which the state of alarm was declared.

Please avoid unnecessary journeys. We are all responsible for prevention. Thank you for your cooperation