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The electrification of the entire Palma–sa Pobla rail section is now complete

Faster, more convenient and more comfortable journeys with no train changes and less pollution.

The Palma–sa Pobla line has been completely electrified since 29 October, so changing trains at Enllaç is no longer necessary. Previously the Palma–sa Pobla line combined two systems: an electric train and a diesel train. Passengers had to change at Enllaç station to continue their journey to sa Pobla in noisier and less comfortable diesel trains.

Users gain in comfort and convenience. They can travel directly to their destination without having to change trains as they did before. And now that the trains are electric, they produce less noise and fewer vibrations. Another train has also been added to the timetable leaving sa Pobla at 06:05.

During the opening event, the President of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, highlighted that electrifying the sa Pobla train met two objectives. Firstly, 'modernising public transport and improving residents' options,’ as they can now ‘travel directly to their destination without changing trains. They can travel faster and more conveniently and they will have a new train leaving early in the morning.’ Secondly, ‘becoming more sustainable’ since the electrification will ‘reduce CO2 emissions by 60%, improve energy efficiency and help save resources’.

The Director General for Transport said that the electrification of sa Pobla and Manacor trains involved an investment of €40 million: ‘It’s the most important rail investment in the past three years.’ He also said that now that the train electrification was complete, the Balearic Government was already working on the ‘rail map of the future. It’s essential to complete it and add new lines so that the train can reach more people on the island and make it easier to access Palma and its metropolitan area.’

Electrification of sa Pobla trains

Since the electrification works began in the summer of 2017, 14 km have been electrified, involving an investment of €9.9 million, half of which was financed by ERDF funds. The project included the installation of an overhead contact line and two substations were built to supply it with power. Also installed were fibre-optic cables for data transmission and two power connections to supply the substations.

Improved sustainability

Noise emissions and the use of polluting fuels will decrease. CO2 emissions will drop by 60% (632.7 tons less per year) and power efficiency gains from electrifying this rail section will save the government €60,000.

Intermodal parking will encourage train use

An intermodal car park has been provided so that residents in the region can park their car and take the train instead. The aim is to make it convenient for users to travel by train. The car park, which cost €165,020, provides 50 spaces in an area of approximately 1,886 m2.