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Around 600,000 euros for improving TIB bus stops on the Alcúdia Bay corridor

The Minister for Land, Energy and Transport, Marc Pons, and the Mayor of Alcúdia, Antoni Mir, today visited the works on two TIB stops in the municipality of Alcúdia.

The Alcúdia Bay lines are very popular bus routes with around two million passengers every year. The main lines are the L351 Palma–Playa de Muro (Campsite) and the L352 Can Picafort–Puerto de Pollença, which transported 435,377 and 1,407,608 travellers, respectively, in 2018. There are also other routes, such as the Aerotib A32, connecting Alcúdia Bay with the airport.

The works on the bus stops visited today are part of the reorganisation and improvement project of the bus stops of regular public road passenger transport on the Alcúdia Bay corridor, which include Alcúdia and the municipality of Muro. These measures form part of the regular road passenger transport service plan for the island of Mallorca (known by the abbreviation PISTRVC), with the aim, among others, to upgrade the stops. To that end, work will proceed at eleven locations to improve journey times and offer a better service.

The five locations in the municipality of Alcúdia are: Hotel Viva, Hotel Delfín Azul, Hotel Bocaccio, Es Llac Gran and Hotel Condesa Bahía. The following stops will be upgraded in the municipality of Muro: Las Gaviotas, Hotel Iberostar Playa de Muro, Hotel Playa Esperanza, Hotel Parc Natural, Hotel Alcúdia Pins and the Muro Campsite.

The main improvements to all the stops are:

• Installation of new shelters, equipped with lighting, to protect passengers from the elements. As the shelters are modular, they can be adapted to fit each stop.

• Improvement of pedestrian access to the stops, making them easier and quicker to access on foot and suitable for passengers with reduced mobility. Consequently, the pavements will be widened to a minimum of 1.80 m, with ramps installed to access the stop, or the stop will be moved closer to a pedestrian crossing. The surface will also be marked with contrasting colours and include tactile paving for visually impaired passengers.

• Creation of bus bays 3 metres wide and up to 50 metres long so that buses can stop without affecting traffic on the main road. There will also be enough room for two 18 metre articulated buses to stop at the same time.

• Platforms will be 3 metres wide to accommodate users while they wait for the bus.

The Mallorca Transport Consortium, responsible for project execution and its costs, began the works last November and expects to complete them by the beginning of March. The town councils undertake to clean and maintain the bus stops and their surrounding area and to pay for their power costs, as stated in the collaboration agreement signed at the beginning of last year between the councils and the Mallorca Transport Consortium.

The budget given to this project was 248,588.45 euros (including VAT) for the works taking place in the municipality of Alcúdia and 309,760.00 euros (including VAT) for those in the municipality of Muro.