Single train and metro ticket

If you do not have an Intermodal Card or bank card, you can buy a single ticket at all stations in the TIB rail network. It has the same price as travelling using a bank card. So if you don’t want to queue to buy a ticket over the counter or from a machine, you can choose this alternative.



The ticket can be bought using cash or with a debit or credit card at ticket machines available at all stations, as well as over the counter at the Intermodal Station at Palma, Inca and Manacor.


The ticket is only valid to complete one journey on the rail network, and is not therefore valid if you wish to transfer to a bus line.

Fare system

Our fare system works with a hop system. Each time you go from one zone to another, you make one hop. If the journey is within the same zone, the fare for zero hops is applied.

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