Targeta bancària main

The transport ticket always at hand

Your contactless bank card, both debit or credit, enables you to travel on the TIB network in Majorca without having to purchase a transport ticket beforehand.
The card simply has to be validated at the entrance and exit of the bus, train or metro. It's that easy! Just tap-in and tap out and pay as you go.
In addition, by using the same bank card, significant discounts are offered to groups of up to 5 people.


Targeta bancària tarifes


Every journey made with a bank card is charged on the following day with a single daily total amount for all the journeys made.
Your bank may apply a pre-charge of up to €20 to verify that your card is active. This pre-charge is automatically cancelled once the price of the journeys has been charged. 

Targeta bancària títol

Targeta bancària validació

Entry and exit validation

Entry and exit validation

Each member of the group has to validate the same bank card or device both when getting on and off the bus; and on the rail network, to enter and exit stations. Validation is done by tapping with your card at the validators that are located at the bus doors and and the tariff barriers in the train and metro stations.
Attention! A penalty of €0.30 applies for each person who does not complete this double validation. Do not forget to tap out when leaving the bus.

See here how to tap-in and tap-out the bank card on the bus.

Targeta bancària Transbords



You can make 2 transfers when travelling on 3 different lines (bus, train or metro), provided that no more than 60 minutes elapse between the validation of departure from one line and the validation of entry to another.
Good news! No matter how long the journey, you will never pay for more than 4 hops.