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null The TIB shuttle bus to Formentor lighthouse resumes service as of next Saturday

The TIB shuttle bus to Formentor lighthouse resumes service as of next Saturday

Line 334 extends its route to Formentor lighthouse during the period of traffic restrictions, from 1 June to 30 September.

This year the service has been reinforced with a second bus at the Port de Pollença stop.

The period of traffic restrictions on the Formentor peninsula decreed by the Directorate General of Traffic begins next Saturday, 1 June, and will remain in force until 30 September. During the months when the road is closed to private vehicles, line 334 of the TIB network extends its route to the lighthouse to connect Alcúdia and Port de Pollença with the different points of interest on the Formentor peninsula. So in addition to the current stops on the peninsula, Mirador del Colomer and Platja, the stops at Cala Murta/Cala Figuera and Faro will be added.

During the hours of traffic restrictions (10.00 am - 10.30 pm) a service is available every 35 minutes for most of the day. Last year's reinforcement vehicle, which departed from the beach, has been incorporated this year at the Port de Pollença Centre stop, where most of the passengers are concentrated. Thus, from 11.30 am and throughout the day, two buses will coincide in order to meet the high demand for this service and to facilitate travel for all users.

Last year, during the four-month period of traffic restrictions, 334,284 users travelled with the shuttle bus to the Formentor peninsula, an average of 2,740 users per day.

Intermodal card holders can travel free of charge. You can also use your bank card; in this case, the cost to the lighthouse, is 1.80 euros if you take the bus from Port de Pollença and 2.70 euros from Alcúdia. In addition, up to five people can travel with the same bank card and get discounts for each user.

For more information, you can consult the line 334 Alcúdia-Formentor timetable


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