Mou-te Bé


Mou-te Bé: the public bicycle service that gets you around Palma from the Plaça d'Espanya.

The bicycle is increasingly the ideal alternative for getting around town, not just for ease of mobility, but also because it is environmentally friendly and healthy. Because of this, CTM firmly backs the public bicycle system. Using the Mou-te Bé service, over 18s who have travelled by bus, train or metro using the T20 or T40 ticket can use a bike all day long free of charge. To do this they need to sign a loan and liability contract. The only person authorised to use the bike is the intermodal card holder. The service offers bikes fitted with child seats. The bike must be returned on the same day that it was collected prior to the time the service finishes.

The only place that bicycles can be collected and returned is the Intermodal Station information point, in the Plaça d'Espanya, Palma.

The service is provided at the following times:

1 November to 31 May:
Monday to Friday: 07.00 to 20.30
Saturday, sundays and public holidays: 09.00 to 18.30

1 June to 31 October:
Monday to Friday: 07.00 to 20.30
Saturday: 08.00 to 20.00
Sundays and public holidays: 09.00 to 20.00

Bicicleta Moute-Bé

Terms of use

  • You must respect traffic regulations and cycle with care.
  • If there is a bicycle lane you must always use it. If there is not, cycle in the right-hand lane without veering. You should try and keep 1.5 metres away from parked cars to avoid the risk of accidents if someone opens a vehicle door.
  • You should signal turns to the left and right with your arms. You should wear a helmet and high visibility vest so as not to get any nasty surprises.
  • If you cycle behind a vehicle, keep at a safe distance. You should cycle at an average speed according to your physical condition.
  • The intermodal card is personal and non-transferable. Therefore the card holder is the only person authorised to use the bike and is responsible for the bike from the minute that it is collected until it is returned to the Intermodal Station.